Monday, June 30, 2008

My life at the SWEET Liberty Square

So here is a photo update of my life since I moved to Liberty Square in April...

Erin and I loved sitting under our beds!
Every Wednesday night Spring semester Krystin (and sometimes me) played on a bowling league! SOOO fun! Bowling makes me miss high school!
We had just finished video chatting with Kallene and Teresa in London! We missed them so much, but look how happy we got when we got to see their faces! Now we miss Erin.
We went to the Hogle Zoo!!! Me. Annie. Erin. We had so much fun! Definitely a memory that will last forever! The giraffes were for sure our favorite!
Okay, so we are posing all hardcore, but what you can't see is we have roller blades on our feet. Lets just say we are pretty big deals. We've been on several 11pm blading adventures, and let me tell you there are plenty more to come...but they may soon turn into scooter (as in razor scooter) rides!
This is Kaccee, Cole and me at Gina and Rob's wedding dinner! They were sealed for time and all eternity on June 14th, 2008 (I called it), and we got to all reunite again. Kaccee and her mom and sister flew up from Texas and Kallene flew back home from London the night before. We all missed our little Teresa, but it was still such a great weekend in Salt Lake! Congratulations to the happy couple!

Here we are at the reception! She was glowing!

The morning after Gina's wedding my good friend Kurt Workman gave his mission sacrament meeting talk in Farmington, Utah. Kallene, Erin and I rode the bus up to Farmington and spent the day with him and his family and friends! He entered the MTC this last Wednesday, and hopefully I'll be hearing from him soon! He is going to such a good missionary, I can't wait to hear about his success! Add one to the list. ;)
Kurt with all of his Idaho girls...yeah we pretty much like him a lot!

Alright, so my camera broke and I am in the process of figuring out how to get it fixed. Here is an update (no pics yet, sorry) on my life since Kurt's farewell.

Kallene moved in with me at Liberty.

Erin left to London for the semester.

Teresa got home and even came and visited for a few days!

I got a new roommate (other than Kallene) named Ashley. She is from Texas and she is 100% adorable! I'm feel so blessed to live in the apartment I do, with the girls that live with. They are all amazing.

Scootball has been re-popularized, Kallene, my oldest sister Taylor and I all have scooters and are in the process of getting fourth team member to get it going again!

My little sister Spencer was at dance camp in Ogden for 4 days last week and Taylor, Shaylee, Ashlee (Shay's little sister) and I surprised her, and got to watch them do the dances they had learned! Spencer is so good, and her legs are so long and she has beautiful feet...yes, as much as I hate feet, Spencer has got some great ones.

Tomorrow I am going up to Bountiful, Utah with Taylor to attend one of Taylor's best friends, Heather Bateman's, wedding luncheon.

This weekend, being the 4th of July, Krystin Kallene and I are all driving up to Boise that morning to play and celebrate with our families! I'm so excited to go home...I haven't been for a whole month! Crazy, I know. I love Boise!

So there you have it, my life the last 2 months! Hopefully it was enjoyable and be prepared for more updates...especially when my camera is fixed! Ta Ta For Now!


Hello all! Today, my roommates and I were sitting in our front room when somehow blogging was brought up... We all realized we shared a love of blogging! Amy and Ashley already have fully developed blogs, and as some of you may know my former roommates of 22 have a joint blog, so I decided I should get my own! So here is to a new adventure in the blogosphere! Enjoy!