Thursday, August 21, 2008


My life since the Foote Family Reunion has been quite eventful if you ask me. When I got back to Provo from Twin, it was school school school. I finished my Dental Office Program so now I am officially qualified to work in a Dental Office! I feel pretty good about that. I came home the first weekend of August for our family friend/sister Carisa Renberg's marriage to a very lucky man named Tyler Brown. She was beautiful, the day was perfect and I am so grateful I was able to be there like we've always talked about. ALSO that weekend I found out some of the greatest news, that I've been waiting for since I've had a married sister...I'M GOING TO BE AN AUNT!!! Reagan and Matt are expecting their first little one in March! I couldn't be more excited. Sunday I made the journey back to Provo but this time with my mom! We drove Taylor's car down, Mom, Reagan and Matt stayed the night in Provo and continued their trek to Kansas Monday morning (Reag and Matt are moving to Kansas for Chiropractic school).
I enjoyed yet another week in the 'Happy Valley', then once again packed up the car and back up north I went. I basically moved everything home on this trip back. Kallene and I were riding buddies...we blasted the WICKED soundtrack, stopped at Maddox, Idahome Road, Rupert, and The Trees of Happiness (finally, I'm alumni!). All of these stops were made for a good reason of course! Seven hours after leaving Provo, we arrived in Boise for another wedding weekend. This time it was a good high school friend, and dance team captain Kelsey Peterson (now Tanner). She and Grant looked amazing, and everyone knows they are so happy and in love! Sunday rolled around and I was back on the road to Provo.
One last week to hang out with Taylor and Zach, finish working, and to clean and check out of my apartment. Despite my main reasons to return to Provo, the highlights of my last week in Provo were getting to babysit little Troy 'Bear' Pickett (Kallene's nephew). Seriously, the cutest baby I've ever seen. Friday night Kallene, Stephanie Young and I had a sleepover at Taylor and Zach's apartment while they were at their ward campout. It was a blast, watching the Olympics and Sister Act 2 on the big screen, and to just have one last girls night in Provo! Saturday Taylor took me to the airport and I flew home to Boise for the final time. I mean, obviously I'll go back to Provo someday, but I officially live in Boise now and I love it! I just did all of my laundry (for free...amazing), and I'm starting to feel at home again! It's crazy how you can get comfortable enough somewhere that home is hard to adjust to.
Now, I admit it I'll miss Provo a lot... Boise is just so much better. I definitely enjoyed the year I spent in good ole P-Town, but now I'm ready to work hard and make some money! I'm so excited to start this new chapter in my life!