Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

**8 Favorite TV Shows
That's So Raven
Hannah Montana
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
What I Like About You
So You Think You Can Dance
American Idol
What Not to Wear

**8 Favorite Restraunts
The Olive Garden
PF Changs
Casa Mexico
Cafe Rio
Panda Express
It's fast food, but I love it...Wendys

**8 Things that happened yesterday
Woke up late
Worked at the Supreme Court
Worked at the Dentists Office
Ate Taco Bell
Talked to Grandma on the phone
Got another job offer
Watched Gilmore Girls
Ate Mac & Cheese with Ash

**8 Things to look forward to
HSM3 this weekend with Krystin
Krystin coming this weekend
Turkey Bowls on Thanksgiving day
Becoming an aunt
Shopping soon
Seeing my Utah friends again
Missionary Letters

**8 things I love about Fall
Crunching Leaves
The smell outside
Halloween Candy
The trees AMAZING colors
Corn Mazes
Sun sets earlier
The first snow

**8 Things on my Wish list
To play the piano better
Be an inspiration to someone
Learn to cook more things and better
Stay close friends with all of my roommates...forever
Not be so paranoid about everything
Keep up with my friends on missions
Make a difference in my Primary girl's lives
Stay happy and healthy!

**8 People I'm Tagging
The girls of 22

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bustin' Loose at El Ro Day O!!!

Over the weekend I attended a BSU Stake mock-rodeo, full of linedancing, mechanical bull riding, barrel racing, ropin' and good food! It was so much fun to learn new, fun linedances and to watch the cowboys get thrown off the bull! Here are some pictures of my adventures at the Rodeo with the boys!

Brett and I watching the bull ridin'

Chad. Steve. Brett. Matt. Ryan. Dan

Posing for the camera!

**Okay so there is a hilarious story behind this picture. Everyone was out on the dance floor, when Brett realized he hadn't seen Ryan for awhile. Brett went off to look for Ryan, and there he is...standing with this 'barrel', posing while three random girls were taking his picture. We all about died laughing, then Brett and Chad joined in.**

Ryan. Shaun. Steve. Matt. Brett...the one time that night they didn't whip out a cowboy stance when the camera came out!

Needless to say...I had a blast!