Thursday, December 11, 2008

'Tis the Season

On Monday night for Brett's FHE they made Gingerbread Houses. With limited supplies and little success, Brett left wanting more. We decided we were going to make a house of our own! So last night we created our masterpiece...we are pretty proud, to say the least. Enjoy!

So focused



Wednesday, December 10, 2008


My mom asks me every day if I've put anything on my blog...the answer is usually 'no', but not today! YES!!! Here's a short update of my life lately.

I Work....

**This is my cute little "office" in the basement of the Supreme Court House!**

I Play...

Brett, Robert and I went bowling one day... I killed both of them. Not a big deal. :)

I watch football and freeze...

Cousin Audrey and I at the Capital vs Centennial football game...freezing. Audrey is a senior at Capital this year and I totally went into the Captial territory wearing a maroon Centennial sweatshirt. YIKES!!! I do not remember the score of the game, but Capital won. Darn.


I chop all of my hair off...

Usually I wait until I can get an appointment with Uncle Kurt to cut my hair, but I had had it with my long hair. I was ready for something different. I was very hesitant going to another place for such a big change (For the most part I can handle a trim done by someone else), but Saturday was the day. I couldn't wait any longer...I called the salon at 1:30pm and was in the chair by 2:00! I am pleased with the new hair, and now I'm thinkin' its about time for a new color! Any ideas?

I have also been asked to help out with Sweet Liberty (the dance team I danced on in High School)! I go to 6am practice every Monday and Wednesday, I attend halftime performances and I even get to go to competitions with them! They have their first competition this weekend in Jordan, Utah! Although I cant be there this weekend, I'm so excited for them and can't wait to get the competition season going!!!

I don't have any pictures of Thanksgiving, but MAN was it a blast! We started the day at 9:00 with a Turkey Bowl! Nothing ever really happened, the teams were all uneven and it was freezing, until...Zach's extended family showed up and we joined forces! I only lasted about an hour and a half (it was freezing, I guess I take after my mom), but they played for probably 2 1/2 or 3 hours! Then everyone came home, helped prepare the meal and ATE...and ate...and ate...and ate. Ok you get the picture. There were 30 people in the Foote House that day, and what a great day it was! I loved being with extended family and was so happy that Taylor and Zach were with us this year! All this married/sharing my sisters business isn't so great, but then again the Garner and Ogle family's share with me, so I can't be too bitter. :D

I am so excited to see Mommy Reagan, Daddy Matt, and Boygle over the Christmas Break! It's been forever...and what a weird thing to see Reagan with a belly! I love that little baby already! I'm definitely going to be the favorite Aunt...and Taylor if you think differently, you're wrong.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall...

As I sat at the Supreme Courthouse, listening to the scanner pull each page in and spit it back out, I suddenly smelled sunscreen. Weird, I know, but this got me thinking about how much I love Summer. While reminiscing Summer's past, I realized how much I love all of the seasons. This year in particular my love for the Fall has increased. Every Fall my Mom is obsessed with the trees and I have finally paid attention to their beauty and have begun to obsess over them as well. I realized, also, that Fall=Cooler weather=HOODIES=AMAZING-NESS!!! There is nothing I love more than a nice cool day with a sweatshirt on! Although, most of you know, I do NOT like being hot and I do NOT being cold, I'm going to start appreciating the change of seasons from now on. I believe the transition from season to season is one of the greatest blessings we have on the Earth. I cannot wait for the snow to start falling! :D

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Oldest Friend...

...and my best friend.

Most of you probably know this without any hints, so I'll just tell you now:


We have known each other for 14 years. We have danced together. We were in the same ward for 12 years (our families still are). We laugh together. We cry together. We've gone to Utah, California, Texas and Wyoming together. We've been to girls camp together 6 times. We've had hundreds of sleep overs together. We've won together. We've lost together. We read scriptures together. We pray together. We counsel each other. We rely on each other. We even live together

Without Ashlee I, one, would not have half of the memories I have, and two, I would not be who I am today. We've had our ups and downs, but through it all, Ashlee was there ready and willing to work things out. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for "My Ashy". She's been there for me throught thick and thin. She's been my rock for so many years. I can trust her with anything. Our friendship has helped my testimony grow in so many different ways. She's a spiritual giant, the best friend anyone could ask for. I'm so lucky she's mine.


I tag...
Erin, Ashley, Amy and Krystin.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

**8 Favorite TV Shows
That's So Raven
Hannah Montana
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
What I Like About You
So You Think You Can Dance
American Idol
What Not to Wear

**8 Favorite Restraunts
The Olive Garden
PF Changs
Casa Mexico
Cafe Rio
Panda Express
It's fast food, but I love it...Wendys

**8 Things that happened yesterday
Woke up late
Worked at the Supreme Court
Worked at the Dentists Office
Ate Taco Bell
Talked to Grandma on the phone
Got another job offer
Watched Gilmore Girls
Ate Mac & Cheese with Ash

**8 Things to look forward to
HSM3 this weekend with Krystin
Krystin coming this weekend
Turkey Bowls on Thanksgiving day
Becoming an aunt
Shopping soon
Seeing my Utah friends again
Missionary Letters

**8 things I love about Fall
Crunching Leaves
The smell outside
Halloween Candy
The trees AMAZING colors
Corn Mazes
Sun sets earlier
The first snow

**8 Things on my Wish list
To play the piano better
Be an inspiration to someone
Learn to cook more things and better
Stay close friends with all of my roommates...forever
Not be so paranoid about everything
Keep up with my friends on missions
Make a difference in my Primary girl's lives
Stay happy and healthy!

**8 People I'm Tagging
The girls of 22

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bustin' Loose at El Ro Day O!!!

Over the weekend I attended a BSU Stake mock-rodeo, full of linedancing, mechanical bull riding, barrel racing, ropin' and good food! It was so much fun to learn new, fun linedances and to watch the cowboys get thrown off the bull! Here are some pictures of my adventures at the Rodeo with the boys!

Brett and I watching the bull ridin'

Chad. Steve. Brett. Matt. Ryan. Dan

Posing for the camera!

**Okay so there is a hilarious story behind this picture. Everyone was out on the dance floor, when Brett realized he hadn't seen Ryan for awhile. Brett went off to look for Ryan, and there he is...standing with this 'barrel', posing while three random girls were taking his picture. We all about died laughing, then Brett and Chad joined in.**

Ryan. Shaun. Steve. Matt. Brett...the one time that night they didn't whip out a cowboy stance when the camera came out!

Needless to say...I had a blast!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


What a weekend! Sunday morning Sister Kallene Cutler spoke in the Meridian 18th Ward Sacrament meeting. She will be serving a mission in the Hawaii Honolulu Laie Temple Visitor's Center. What does this mean? One word:


After 5 long months, a wedding, and two mission calls, the girls of 22 were finally all together again! Kaccee came from Texas, Gina, Erin, and Teresa made their way from the Happy Valley and even Ashley (my summer term roommate) made it up for this special day! Words will ever describe how happy this made me! They all arrived Friday night, except for Kaccee, who's flight got delayed and she didn't make it until Saturday morning. Friday night we had a huge slumber party, and when I say slumber party, I mean the typical girl sleepover; we were up until 3:30 (some of us 4:30), there was talk about boys, our life's stresses, and even a small pillow fight broke out! SO fun!

Saturday morning we went to breakfast with Erin's sister, Cara, at a cute little restaurant in downtown Boise. It was so yummy and yet again another fantastic, hilarious reunion! After a yummy breakfast, I got a call from Kaccee, she made it!!! Kallene had just picked her up from the airport and we hurried back to see them both! We quickly said hello then headed back to my house for some major group naptime, while the Cutler's and Kaccee went to Westside Drive-In! Ash, Teresa, Erin and I fell asleep for about two hours and although we wanted to sleep for the rest of the day, we got up and got busy right away.

We made our way over to DeMeyer Park and played some Wiffleball (a Cutler favorite). We were only there for about an hour, but it was well worth it! Then off we went to quickly freshen up for the Relief Society General Broadcast. In only 20 minutes we went from this...

to this...

What a beautiful broadcast it was! Never thought I'd say this, but I love Relief Society! Sisters Beck, Allred and Thompson are amazing women! Immediately following the broadcast the Cutler's put on an AMAZING Bunko party at their house! I was the champion Binko-er and I won a pair of Christmas socks...such a perfect Cutler gift! Erin and I, (and some extras) then, made our way to Wal-Mart...LAWNERNING!!! She and Teresa were getting Kal a gift, and Ashlee needed M&M's. :D We then went back to Kallene's, had one last 'Partment Parley and flamily prayer. Talk about bittersweet.

Sunday morning we all met again at the church to listen to Kallene. She, as always, did an amazing job! She got everyone excited for General Conference this weekend, and expressed her excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to serve the Lord for 18 months! She is going to be an amazing Sister missionary and I cannot wait to hear her success stories! I then taught my Primary class, the girls went to Sunday School and Relief Society, and we headed home. Brother and Sister Cutler made Hawaiian Haystacks (how appropriate) for everyone to enjoy after the block. What a great way to end an amazing weekend; good food and good friends! I am forever grateful for the Cutler family, for their friendships to me and my family. After some visiting and laughing, the Utah bound hit the road, and the weekend came to a close.
How blessed I feel to have such a solid group of friends. I couldn't ask for anything better! Thanks to all who came this weekend! I had so much fun, and I hope we can do it again soon! Texas anyone?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Work Work Work, All day long

Wow it's been awhile! Boise is great! I love being here with Ashlee and my family! A lot has happened in the last month since my last's another update!

I started working at Prevention Dental for Dr. Stephenson, using my skills in the front office! I love it there, and I love the ladies I work with. I am working all day (8-5) on Monday's and half day (8-1) on Tuesdays @ 11 dollars an hour (one word: AMAZING). The office is moving locations at the end of October and I'm hoping to get more hours when we switch! I love it...but that isn't all. A girl I work with at the Dentist's office offered me a job, through her husband! I am working at the Idaho Supreme Court, down in the basement all by myself, scanning paperwork into the computer! I get to create my own schedule and it's so laid back. I wear jeans and flip flops, I listen to music all day, I can come and go as I please (I just have to get 19 hours a week)...and look at me...blogging at work! Just listening to the sound of the scanner crankin' those papers through, what a glorious job...(especially for 10 dollars an hour!).

I have been so blessed with job offers since I've been home, it's amazing. The same day Jill called me to tell me about her husbands job offer, Zach called me and said his parents are going out of town in November for a week and a half and need someone to house/babysit! I am SO there! Not to sound worldly or anything, but it is so nice to have money again! Payday's are the best! Next payday Ash and I are gettin our nails did! I CAN'T WAIT!!! It's been way too long (and I've even considered getting a pedicure...weird?).
Besides working, I have been with Ashlee a lot. At the beginning of the semester Michelle Petty was still in town and we played quite a bit too! We made a trip down to Utah over Labor Day weekend and it was so fun to see everyone again! I've also been called as a Primary Teacher in my ward and I love it more than anything! The Primary Program was last Sunday and man oh man was it great to be up there again singing those songs! I teach the CTR8 class, and it is just 6 little girls! They are so fun, but sometimes crazy! Along with my teaching assignment, I was called as the Ward Young Single Adult Coordinator. This means I am supposed to coordinate with the student/singles wards for activities for those of us in a home ward! I haven't really done much with that one yet, but I'm excited to see what I can do in the future!

So, that is my life right now. This weekend is going to be a party weekend for sure! All of my Utah friends/roommates are coming to Boise for Kallene's farewell! What a bittersweet time for everyone! I haven't seen most of these people for months, and I'm so ready to play with them again! Also, Kaccee is coming all the way from Texas to see us...and she just got a mission call last week! CHILE!!!! I'm so excited for her! This also means I'm trying to plan a way to get out to Texas for a visit with Kace before she's out of here! Congrats Kace!!! Okay well that is all, my life is very busy and I love it!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


My life since the Foote Family Reunion has been quite eventful if you ask me. When I got back to Provo from Twin, it was school school school. I finished my Dental Office Program so now I am officially qualified to work in a Dental Office! I feel pretty good about that. I came home the first weekend of August for our family friend/sister Carisa Renberg's marriage to a very lucky man named Tyler Brown. She was beautiful, the day was perfect and I am so grateful I was able to be there like we've always talked about. ALSO that weekend I found out some of the greatest news, that I've been waiting for since I've had a married sister...I'M GOING TO BE AN AUNT!!! Reagan and Matt are expecting their first little one in March! I couldn't be more excited. Sunday I made the journey back to Provo but this time with my mom! We drove Taylor's car down, Mom, Reagan and Matt stayed the night in Provo and continued their trek to Kansas Monday morning (Reag and Matt are moving to Kansas for Chiropractic school).
I enjoyed yet another week in the 'Happy Valley', then once again packed up the car and back up north I went. I basically moved everything home on this trip back. Kallene and I were riding buddies...we blasted the WICKED soundtrack, stopped at Maddox, Idahome Road, Rupert, and The Trees of Happiness (finally, I'm alumni!). All of these stops were made for a good reason of course! Seven hours after leaving Provo, we arrived in Boise for another wedding weekend. This time it was a good high school friend, and dance team captain Kelsey Peterson (now Tanner). She and Grant looked amazing, and everyone knows they are so happy and in love! Sunday rolled around and I was back on the road to Provo.
One last week to hang out with Taylor and Zach, finish working, and to clean and check out of my apartment. Despite my main reasons to return to Provo, the highlights of my last week in Provo were getting to babysit little Troy 'Bear' Pickett (Kallene's nephew). Seriously, the cutest baby I've ever seen. Friday night Kallene, Stephanie Young and I had a sleepover at Taylor and Zach's apartment while they were at their ward campout. It was a blast, watching the Olympics and Sister Act 2 on the big screen, and to just have one last girls night in Provo! Saturday Taylor took me to the airport and I flew home to Boise for the final time. I mean, obviously I'll go back to Provo someday, but I officially live in Boise now and I love it! I just did all of my laundry (for free...amazing), and I'm starting to feel at home again! It's crazy how you can get comfortable enough somewhere that home is hard to adjust to.
Now, I admit it I'll miss Provo a lot... Boise is just so much better. I definitely enjoyed the year I spent in good ole P-Town, but now I'm ready to work hard and make some money! I'm so excited to start this new chapter in my life!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Love My Family....

...and here is why:

They can be cute

They can be crazy
They play hard

They dress the sameThey eat good food (a.k.a. Granny's Root Beer Floats)

They jump high...("I can run fast")

And last, but definitely not least...they love me for me. (and Papa gives me sweet caps)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Missionary Mania

Every time I receive a letter in the mail from a missionary it, not only makes me excited, but it gets me thinking about all of the other Elders (and even a few Sisters) that are out serving the Lord. Over the last 7 days I have gotten two missionary letters, one from the Provo MTC and one from Arkansas. Reagan got me thinking about this the other day. She told me that her mother-in-law was asking her how many missionaries I knew, Reagan said.."something like 17". So this made me sit down and figure out exactly how many missionaries I know. By the end of the summer I will know: 24 Elders and 3 Sisters PLUS Kallene will be going shortly after, as well as Kaccee and Teresa! Then we get into the friends I have that have just about intense. Because I love where people are serving/going, I will jot down a list of the missionaries I know out in the field right now and where they are serving:

Elder Craig Alder: Little Rock, Arkansas
Elder Scott Bird: Sacramento, California-Laotian speaking
Elder Matthew Anderson: Buenos Aires, Argentina-Spanish Speaking
Elder Neil Wallace: Rapid City, South Dakota
Elder Tyler Deleo: San Antonio, Texas-Spanish Speaking
Elder Zach Miller: Samara, Russia-Russian Speaking
Elder T.J. Ruff: Winnipeg, Canada
Elder Matthew Stoker: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Elder Josh Malmgren: Sao Paulo, Brazil-Portugese Speaking
Elder Jonny Roberts: Tegucigalpa, Honduras-Spanish Speaking
Elder Michael Henneman: McAllen, Texas-Spanish Speaking
Elder Josh Ogle: Santa Rosa, California-Spanish Speaking
Elder Avery Garner: Bengkok, Thailand-Thai Speaking
Elder Mitchell Hatch: Micronesia, Guam-English Speaking
Elder Michael Metcalf: Sao Paulo, Brazil-Portugese Speaking
Elder Brock Cutler: Kobe, Japan-Japanese Speaking
Elder Kurt Workman: Cuernevaca, Mexico-Spanish Speaking
Elder Clayton Welch: Geneva, Switzerland-French Speaking
Elder Paul Manwill: Antananarivo, Madagascar
Elder Shane Stephenson: Vancouver, Canada-English Speaking
Sister Kiku Beaufort: Hiroshima, Japan-Japanese Speaking
Sister Noel Ellison: Donetsk, Ukraine-Russian Speaking
Sister Rachel Briggs: Barcelona, Spain-Spanish Speaking
Sister Jessica Ogle: Nagoya, Japan-Japanese Speaking
So, not that any of you care about that, but I'm just a little bit on the proud side of these people. They have really helped my testimony of missionary work grow so much over the past year and a half when they started leaving. As hard as it is for me to watch them go, I love every second that they are gone...especially when I get letters from them! They are all amazing missionaries and have really raised the bar as high as it can go! I love each of them with all of my heart...they are amazing people, and every place they are serving is very lucky to have my missionaries there! Yes, MY missionaries is what I like to call them...I have decided that I am secretly waiting for all of them. :D
Here are a few pictures of some of these great people

Well there you go. I've just been on a missionary high for the last few months, so this is my tribute to all of my friends out there! I'm so grateful for each of their influences in my life! I LOVE MISSIONARIES!!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

SYTYCD Top 14 Elimination

Okay so this is officially a venting post about the So You Think You Can Dance results show tonight. All I have to say is WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!?! Taylor, Zach and I watched it tonight and, believe me, we've discussed all possibilities that would have been more crowd pleasing, and we decided the best choice would have been to keep BOTH Matt and Kourtni and give Comfort and Thayne the boot.

We've decided the judges have made a selfish decision by choosing Matt and Kourtni for elimination tonight. Just because the judges didn't want Matt anymore, they had to take Kourtni too...all because they didn't know who'd she'd partner with if Matt wasn't there. The order of elimination for the girls has been messed up since last week when they sent Chelsea Traille home before Comfort. It should have been Comfort first, then Chelsea Traille, THEN Kourtni. Kourtni just needed a chance to have a different partner...she has WAY better technique than Comfort, not to mention her background and training is 100% easier to work with. Her solo tonight was amazing...ten thousand times better than Comfort's. In my personal opinion Comfort should have gone home right after Suzie, who should have been first. I think Rayven should have gotten to stay longer, I mean really...she is trained in ballet. I dunno about all of you, but as a dancer I was taught that ballet is the center of all dancing....if you've got ballet training, you've got it all.

So here is the order the female eliminations should have gone...of course this is just my opinion:

Week One: Suzie...really I just never liked her or anything she did...I know at least two people that tried out that would have done 10 million times better than she ever did.

Week Two: Comfort...she's just not impressive to me. I'm not gonna lie, she's amazing at her style of dancing, but with all of the other styles she's never "wow-ed" me. Ew..I'm just a little bitter that she's still on the show.

Week Three: Rayven...she was good, but not quite good enough to be in the top 14. I definitely would have liked to see her continue in the competition for longer than a week.

Although I do not agree with the girls eliminations thus far, but I definitely agree with the guys. Tonight's decision is a little sketchy for me, but I'm not to upset about it. I think I'm just done with Thayne...I don't neccessarily hate him, I mean he's a really great dancer, but just not very exciting. So I'm hoping and praying Thayne and Comfort go home next Thursday. I'm just very VERY over Comfort, and I won't be at all devastated if Thayne goes.

On a happier note I LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEE Chelsie Hightower...just like Mary Murphy said last night she is 'towering' over the rest. She is probably my favorite individual contestant, but my favorite partnership is definitely Twitch and Kherington. I've loved Kherington ever since her audition in California...and I loved Twitch last season. He just makes me almost cry every time he dances. He's just a freestyle dancer with hardly any training, and he busts out amazing routines week after week. My other favorite couple is Katee and word: AMAZING!!! Like really, I have nothing to say other than they give me chills every time I watch them dance.
Well, this is all...I still love this show even with the poor decisions the judges have made this week, and I cannot wait for the weeks to come! We Love You Kourtni!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Alright, so my goal for my blog today was to create a playlist of songs that I love and bring back great memories...Here's a list and small description of why they are on my blog. Enjoy!

Jeans On by Keith Urban: This song will forever remind me of my first year being a Girls Camp youth leader. My mom was in charge of camp that year, like every other year it seems, and she changed the words around to this song and created our 2005 Girls Camp theme song! I just loved that I got to have my mom and at least one sister with me at Girls Camp every year I went...and sometimes even my dad!

Rockin' in the USA as well as Jack and Diane by John Cougar Mellancamp will remind me of road trips with my dad. All of us children would always want to listen to some Broadway musical or Disney movie soundtrack, but my dad wasn't always the biggest fan of those. Although, he did tolerate it for the first little bit of the trips, eventually we'd be listening to some John Cougar. It would just make me happy to see my dad singing along AND we all learned the words too!

Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis: So earlier this year Ashlee called me up and told me I had to listen to this song and she kept checking up on my to see if I'd listened yet. It did take me awhile to actually listen to it, but when I finally did I was instantly in love with it. AAANNNDD last week on SYTYCD Chelsie Hightower and Mark danced a heart wrenching hip hop to this song. Lets just say every time I watch I get goosebumps and almost cry. Love it!

A New Day by Celine Dion: This song reminds me of a lot of people. Heather Walt, Erin Avondet, and just recently Kherington and Twitch from SYTYCD. Heather can sing just like Celine...and especially this song. Erin and I heard this on a commercial one day and we about died laughing just thinking about Heather singing it. Kherington and Twitch did a gorgeous Viennese Waltz to this song on last weeks episode. They are probably my favorite partnership...but Chelsie Hightower is my favorite individual! :D

No Air: Yet another SYTYCD winner. Katee and Joshua did a tear-jerking hip hop to this song the first week of competition. Once again...a dance that makes me get chills and almost cry.

Walkin' In Memphis by Lonestar: Two words: Kallene Cutler. This is the song she did her dance solo to her senior year. Kallene is one of my best friends and every time I hear this song the memories just start flowing through my head. Love you Kaldawg!

My Front Porch Lookin' In by Lonestar: In the eighth grade, when I started listening to country music, Lonestar was one of the first groups I knew. This song is probably one of the cutest songs I've ever'll never get old!

Reflection from Disney's Mulan: So Mulan is my favorite of the Disney musical movies so I just chose one song from the movie because I love all of them.

Inside Your Heaven by Carrie Underwood: This song will forever remind me of Garrett make a long story short, he is close to obsessed with this song. Also, from the first time I saw Carrie Underwood at her American Idol audition, I knew she was going to go far. AND it was kind of the beginning of my country music days, so I just loved her because she sang country. Haha

Hit the Road Jack by Ray Charles: My junior year on dance team was such a fun one. This was our Large Dance song, and I loved this dance so much. The adrenaline that I would get when I performed this dance was insane. I actually loved all of my dances that year...and this was the year we swept the whole Nationals competition in Texas. AMAZING!

Cuppycake from Strawberry Shortcake: Pyper and my mom always sing this song to me. They called me just a few weeks ago with a 'present' for me...they both sang into the phone this song. Basically, Pyper's voice is just like this little girl's, so it's one of the cutest things I've ever heard.

My Little Girl by Tim McGraw: This song is just one of my favorite country songs ever. Also, I always think of Kelsey Peterson because when she came back to the ISI dance competition as the reigning Miss ISI she danced to this guessed it, I bawled my eyes out. I miss dancing and the people I danced with so much.

Stand by Rascal Flatts: This song came out just before my last year of girls camp and I immediately thought it should be a church song. Our Girls Camp was all about being the Light and standing up for what you know and believe, no matter what comes your way. Basically, I fell in love with this song instantly.

Heaven by David Archuleta: Pretty much David is my hero. He is only 17 years old and sounds like this. I'm nearing obsession when it comes to David. And this song is just amazing, so the combination only makes for double-amazingness!

Okay, so here are my current favorites mixed with some of my forever favorites! Hopefully you enjoy at least one of the songs! Thanks for reading!

Monday, June 30, 2008

My life at the SWEET Liberty Square

So here is a photo update of my life since I moved to Liberty Square in April...

Erin and I loved sitting under our beds!
Every Wednesday night Spring semester Krystin (and sometimes me) played on a bowling league! SOOO fun! Bowling makes me miss high school!
We had just finished video chatting with Kallene and Teresa in London! We missed them so much, but look how happy we got when we got to see their faces! Now we miss Erin.
We went to the Hogle Zoo!!! Me. Annie. Erin. We had so much fun! Definitely a memory that will last forever! The giraffes were for sure our favorite!
Okay, so we are posing all hardcore, but what you can't see is we have roller blades on our feet. Lets just say we are pretty big deals. We've been on several 11pm blading adventures, and let me tell you there are plenty more to come...but they may soon turn into scooter (as in razor scooter) rides!
This is Kaccee, Cole and me at Gina and Rob's wedding dinner! They were sealed for time and all eternity on June 14th, 2008 (I called it), and we got to all reunite again. Kaccee and her mom and sister flew up from Texas and Kallene flew back home from London the night before. We all missed our little Teresa, but it was still such a great weekend in Salt Lake! Congratulations to the happy couple!

Here we are at the reception! She was glowing!

The morning after Gina's wedding my good friend Kurt Workman gave his mission sacrament meeting talk in Farmington, Utah. Kallene, Erin and I rode the bus up to Farmington and spent the day with him and his family and friends! He entered the MTC this last Wednesday, and hopefully I'll be hearing from him soon! He is going to such a good missionary, I can't wait to hear about his success! Add one to the list. ;)
Kurt with all of his Idaho girls...yeah we pretty much like him a lot!

Alright, so my camera broke and I am in the process of figuring out how to get it fixed. Here is an update (no pics yet, sorry) on my life since Kurt's farewell.

Kallene moved in with me at Liberty.

Erin left to London for the semester.

Teresa got home and even came and visited for a few days!

I got a new roommate (other than Kallene) named Ashley. She is from Texas and she is 100% adorable! I'm feel so blessed to live in the apartment I do, with the girls that live with. They are all amazing.

Scootball has been re-popularized, Kallene, my oldest sister Taylor and I all have scooters and are in the process of getting fourth team member to get it going again!

My little sister Spencer was at dance camp in Ogden for 4 days last week and Taylor, Shaylee, Ashlee (Shay's little sister) and I surprised her, and got to watch them do the dances they had learned! Spencer is so good, and her legs are so long and she has beautiful feet...yes, as much as I hate feet, Spencer has got some great ones.

Tomorrow I am going up to Bountiful, Utah with Taylor to attend one of Taylor's best friends, Heather Bateman's, wedding luncheon.

This weekend, being the 4th of July, Krystin Kallene and I are all driving up to Boise that morning to play and celebrate with our families! I'm so excited to go home...I haven't been for a whole month! Crazy, I know. I love Boise!

So there you have it, my life the last 2 months! Hopefully it was enjoyable and be prepared for more updates...especially when my camera is fixed! Ta Ta For Now!


Hello all! Today, my roommates and I were sitting in our front room when somehow blogging was brought up... We all realized we shared a love of blogging! Amy and Ashley already have fully developed blogs, and as some of you may know my former roommates of 22 have a joint blog, so I decided I should get my own! So here is to a new adventure in the blogosphere! Enjoy!