Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Date Night!

A few weekends ago David took me on a bigger date than usual. :)

It at all started with a some text messages
D-"Lauren, what's your favorite kind of sandwich?"
L-"Probably a BLT with avocado, on almost burnt wheat bread with a very thin layer of mayonnaise, why?"
D-"Just wondering. Do you like chocolate pudding?"
L-"Yes...why David?"

....No response....2 hours later at about 1:45pm....

D- "I rented us a two-seater bike we can pick it up at 2:30 :)"
**Side note, I'd been wanting to ride a tandem bike for months! I was ecstatic! He's so good**

So he picked me up at about 3pm on a "bicycle built for two", we rode to Smith Park just a little way away from my apartment and he had packed us a picnic, with perfectly toasted BLTA's with a thin layer of mayonnaise, chocolate pudding and mint Oreos (my favorite).

Now, we were a pretty good team on that tandem bike right from the start, but then we tried to switch places, so I was in front steering and David was in the back 'letting' me steer (bad idea). He was so used to steering and having control of the bike that he was trying to do that from the back, causing me to slightly loose control in the front. He was freaking out, I was laughing and screaming and shouting at him to just hold his arms still and we wouldn't fall over, but that was a hard thing to do after he'd been in control to begin with. We quickly switched places again so we both weren't so stressed out.

With us back in our rightful seats on the bike, we rode to The Dollar Store and bought two kites for $1...they were cheap to say the least. We rode our little bike to another park close to my apartment and flew/tried to fly them. Mine quickly broke so we were down to one, we got David's up in the sky a few times...enough to take a picture and we were done. **Just some advice-avoid Dollar Store kites**

We continued the night just riding around Rexburg on our bike just enjoying each others company. We finished the night by watching a movie at my apartment. I was happy as a clam. :)

Now it's finals week. I'll be done with my tests tomorrow afternoon and then I'll do all of my packing and cleaning the rest of the day Thursday and all Friday morning! Then it's off to Boise for a few days, Utah for Hannah's wedding, then California to visit David's family and see his old stomping grounds! :) So the wedding and California trip will most likely be my next post!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

More Spring Semester Pictures

The Dominguez Family came to visit Rexburg and the Foote Family Reunion was in Twin Falls!

Again, I don't have many words. Just pictures for now. Life is good. Only 4 weeks left of the semester!!! WOOT!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spring Semester-Picture Update

So I realized I hadn't posted any pictures from this semester at all...and it's midterms already! I don't really have words to say, just pictures to show. :)

Oh...but I will say this: BEST. SEMESTER. EVER.

Easter! We drew names and did "Secret Easter Bunny's" for each other. AND we had David play the Easter Bunny for all of us and hide eggs for an Easter egg hung! So fun! :)

Cyndi got her hairs did

Boise trip for Ashlee's bridal shower=Pedicures with the littles :)

Late night pearly white cleaning parties! So much fun.

David and me after our date to Olive Garden and a Paul Cardall concert (amazing).

Snuggie Fashion show!

**Probably all semester Cyndi has been asking me if I have ever worn my Snuggie with a belt around the this time when she asked I just did it! And so did she!

And Meagan!

And Karoline!

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5612222019466426066" />

So our roommate, Mandy (far left), is always in bed by at least 10pm (usually 830 or 9)...but last Sunday night she was up until midnight! We we all in shock!

Karoline turned 22 on May 27th and we celebrated at Famous Dave's with our FHE brothers (and David).

The roommates! It's a rare occasion for all of us to be in the same place, so we always take pictures when it happens. :)

The whole birthday group! We were missing some of our FHE brothers, but it was still so so fun!

I walked around "blind" for 4 hours on Friday. It's for a Special Ed class I'm taking called "exceptional students" later on in the semester I get to get a feel for what it's like to be in a wheelchair! :)

Throughout the four hour period of blindness on Friday I had a different mask for each hour, so I let all of the roommate wear one for us to take a picture! (Courtney was also doing it at the same time so we had 8 masks total.)

Just yesterday Meagan, Karoline and Cyndi all ended up in I changed my shirt to match and of course we took pictures! I love my roommates!

Us in our purple and our adorable table! The flowers in the middle are mine...from David. :) I'm so lucky.

Just my Cyndi and me. I love her. :)

This is our "Family" wall. It's taken all semester to get it put together, but finally yesterday I took it upon myself to get it finished, and we love it!

This frame (courtesy of the D.I. $1.50) has a picture of each of our real families and then fun family quotes down the center (Sorry big sisters, the picture I had with you guys in it was too big for the frame).

This one is our apartment family. :) JeeHye gave me this picture frame for my birthday and I love it!

Well that's all for now! We are doing a big apartment group date tomorrow and our plan is to take lots of pictures! Maybe I'll get around to posting them by the end of the semester. :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

A REAL Teacher...

This week I got to experience a small taste of what it will be like to be a real teacher...and I loved it! I got to teach a lesson of some sort every day except today, which meant a lesson plan or some sort of preparation before hand so that I could communicate in the most simple way possible.

For one of my classes this semester I get to go to Central Elementary School in Sugar City, Idaho. I help in a first grade classroom for two hours every Tuesday and Thursday morning. I got to teach science lessons on electricity this week! We learned about static electricity on Tuesday and then circuits/flashlights on Thursday! I love my first grade class and it's always good to see their faces light up and hear them say "Hi Miss Foote!" when I walk into the classroom. They love to show me their work when they are finished and they LOVE that my last name is Foote.

**side note: the first week I started helping in their class 'foot' was one of their spelling words. Needless to say, I was the star that Thursday when I got to introduce myself**

Anyway, this week was awesome. I can't say enough how blessed I feel to be at a school that allows Sophomores/Juniors to go out into the field so early on and develop their ideas and knowledge about teaching. I already know, after just three weeks, that if it weren't for these few short weeks being in the classroom, I would have been in for a BIG surprise when I went to student teach.

I love school. I love teaching. I can't wait to have a classroom of my own. :)

My camera refused to take a clear picture, but this is my name tag. :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I have the best mom in the world...

...and the cutest ever...

...She loves her mommy so much...

...She loves her babies...

...And her Grandbabies...

And all of those people love her too...especially me. Happy Mother's Day my Mommy!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birthday's/Family Pictures

Mom, Taylor and Reagan...this is for you because you are most likely the only ones that care...oh and maybe Carisa. :)

These are pictures from Meagan's surprise Birthday party, and Michael Metcalf's Birthday dinner (Russian Chicken...yummm). AND we took roommate pictures for next semester! We are all so excited to live together that we couldn't wait any longer and just had to do it now (also the girl with a good camera is going on a mission in April so we had to do it before she left!). We love each other. :)

And there you have it. I'm sorry the posts aren't more frequent, my camera is out of batteries and I have misplaced the adapter so it's hard for me to upload pictures anyway. :( Thank goodness for neighbors and roommates with working cameras!

Miss you guys! Taylor and Reagan (and Carisa) I wish you could come to Rexburg with the family on Saturday! Mom (and family) can't wait to see you so soon!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Since "Idaho Chicken"...

I have...

Eaten lots of brownies...

Provided Courtney with all the jewelry and hair accessories she'd ever need...

Tried to fix the shower...

Had LOTS of dance parties...



Played in the snow...

Gotten a letter from Preston...

Gone country dancing (and turned into a ghost...oh well)...

Gotten flowers for Valentine's Day (if you wanna know the story text or call me)...

Decorated my wall by my desk...finally...

AND....Made MORE Idaho Chicken...

It's an apartment favorite...

***SIDE the Spring, three girls from the apartment next door (who we also knew last year and moved over to the Pines with), are moving into our apartment! Talk about BEST APARTMENT EVER. We already have so many plans for our lives as roommates! I'll try my best to document them on here. :)