Tuesday, September 30, 2008


What a weekend! Sunday morning Sister Kallene Cutler spoke in the Meridian 18th Ward Sacrament meeting. She will be serving a mission in the Hawaii Honolulu Laie Temple Visitor's Center. What does this mean? One word:


After 5 long months, a wedding, and two mission calls, the girls of 22 were finally all together again! Kaccee came from Texas, Gina, Erin, and Teresa made their way from the Happy Valley and even Ashley (my summer term roommate) made it up for this special day! Words will ever describe how happy this made me! They all arrived Friday night, except for Kaccee, who's flight got delayed and she didn't make it until Saturday morning. Friday night we had a huge slumber party, and when I say slumber party, I mean the typical girl sleepover; we were up until 3:30 (some of us 4:30), there was talk about boys, our life's stresses, and even a small pillow fight broke out! SO fun!

Saturday morning we went to breakfast with Erin's sister, Cara, at a cute little restaurant in downtown Boise. It was so yummy and yet again another fantastic, hilarious reunion! After a yummy breakfast, I got a call from Kaccee, she made it!!! Kallene had just picked her up from the airport and we hurried back to see them both! We quickly said hello then headed back to my house for some major group naptime, while the Cutler's and Kaccee went to Westside Drive-In! Ash, Teresa, Erin and I fell asleep for about two hours and although we wanted to sleep for the rest of the day, we got up and got busy right away.

We made our way over to DeMeyer Park and played some Wiffleball (a Cutler favorite). We were only there for about an hour, but it was well worth it! Then off we went to quickly freshen up for the Relief Society General Broadcast. In only 20 minutes we went from this...

to this...

What a beautiful broadcast it was! Never thought I'd say this, but I love Relief Society! Sisters Beck, Allred and Thompson are amazing women! Immediately following the broadcast the Cutler's put on an AMAZING Bunko party at their house! I was the champion Binko-er and I won a pair of Christmas socks...such a perfect Cutler gift! Erin and I, (and some extras) then, made our way to Wal-Mart...LAWNERNING!!! She and Teresa were getting Kal a gift, and Ashlee needed M&M's. :D We then went back to Kallene's, had one last 'Partment Parley and flamily prayer. Talk about bittersweet.

Sunday morning we all met again at the church to listen to Kallene. She, as always, did an amazing job! She got everyone excited for General Conference this weekend, and expressed her excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to serve the Lord for 18 months! She is going to be an amazing Sister missionary and I cannot wait to hear her success stories! I then taught my Primary class, the girls went to Sunday School and Relief Society, and we headed home. Brother and Sister Cutler made Hawaiian Haystacks (how appropriate) for everyone to enjoy after the block. What a great way to end an amazing weekend; good food and good friends! I am forever grateful for the Cutler family, for their friendships to me and my family. After some visiting and laughing, the Utah bound hit the road, and the weekend came to a close.
How blessed I feel to have such a solid group of friends. I couldn't ask for anything better! Thanks to all who came this weekend! I had so much fun, and I hope we can do it again soon! Texas anyone?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Work Work Work, All day long

Wow it's been awhile! Boise is great! I love being here with Ashlee and my family! A lot has happened in the last month since my last post...here's another update!

I started working at Prevention Dental for Dr. Stephenson, using my skills in the front office! I love it there, and I love the ladies I work with. I am working all day (8-5) on Monday's and half day (8-1) on Tuesdays @ 11 dollars an hour (one word: AMAZING). The office is moving locations at the end of October and I'm hoping to get more hours when we switch! I love it...but that isn't all. A girl I work with at the Dentist's office offered me a job, through her husband! I am working at the Idaho Supreme Court, down in the basement all by myself, scanning paperwork into the computer! I get to create my own schedule and it's so laid back. I wear jeans and flip flops, I listen to music all day, I can come and go as I please (I just have to get 19 hours a week)...and look at me...blogging at work! Just listening to the sound of the scanner crankin' those papers through, what a glorious job...(especially for 10 dollars an hour!).

I have been so blessed with job offers since I've been home, it's amazing. The same day Jill called me to tell me about her husbands job offer, Zach called me and said his parents are going out of town in November for a week and a half and need someone to house/babysit! I am SO there! Not to sound worldly or anything, but it is so nice to have money again! Payday's are the best! Next payday Ash and I are gettin our nails did! I CAN'T WAIT!!! It's been way too long (and I've even considered getting a pedicure...weird?).
Besides working, I have been with Ashlee a lot. At the beginning of the semester Michelle Petty was still in town and we played quite a bit too! We made a trip down to Utah over Labor Day weekend and it was so fun to see everyone again! I've also been called as a Primary Teacher in my ward and I love it more than anything! The Primary Program was last Sunday and man oh man was it great to be up there again singing those songs! I teach the CTR8 class, and it is just 6 little girls! They are so fun, but sometimes crazy! Along with my teaching assignment, I was called as the Ward Young Single Adult Coordinator. This means I am supposed to coordinate with the student/singles wards for activities for those of us in a home ward! I haven't really done much with that one yet, but I'm excited to see what I can do in the future!

So, that is my life right now. This weekend is going to be a party weekend for sure! All of my Utah friends/roommates are coming to Boise for Kallene's farewell! What a bittersweet time for everyone! I haven't seen most of these people for months, and I'm so ready to play with them again! Also, Kaccee is coming all the way from Texas to see us...and she just got a mission call last week! CHILE!!!! I'm so excited for her! This also means I'm trying to plan a way to get out to Texas for a visit with Kace before she's out of here! Congrats Kace!!! Okay well that is all, my life is very busy and I love it!