Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birthday's/Family Pictures

Mom, Taylor and Reagan...this is for you because you are most likely the only ones that care...oh and maybe Carisa. :)

These are pictures from Meagan's surprise Birthday party, and Michael Metcalf's Birthday dinner (Russian Chicken...yummm). AND we took roommate pictures for next semester! We are all so excited to live together that we couldn't wait any longer and just had to do it now (also the girl with a good camera is going on a mission in April so we had to do it before she left!). We love each other. :)

And there you have it. I'm sorry the posts aren't more frequent, my camera is out of batteries and I have misplaced the adapter so it's hard for me to upload pictures anyway. :( Thank goodness for neighbors and roommates with working cameras!

Miss you guys! Taylor and Reagan (and Carisa) I wish you could come to Rexburg with the family on Saturday! Mom (and family) can't wait to see you so soon!!!


Clint and Kandi said...

I love love love this post. What a fun fun fun time you are having at the byui! This is the stuff of which memories are made! I especially like your adorable family pictures. You girls are so so so pretty! Also especially like the I am fly pic. Hahahah! Good job all you party people. Can't wait to see the star performer of womens glee sat night! Love mom.

Tyler and Carisa said...

1. I love that I that I got a shout out in your post. Seriously, thank you.
2. I love that you are in Womens Glee - It makes me almost squeal with delight.
3. Your "family" photos were just precious. Such pretty girls.
4. Don't feel bad about your updating frequency - you still have Taylor beat! Bazing!!! (sorry Tay - it's true... you could prove me wrong though and post something on your blog. Man, oh man, would that teach me a lesson... =D).

Reagan said...

LAUR! I love this post and all the pictures. Go buy a new adapter for an early birthday present so we can have more pictures more often. :) LOVE YOU SISTER!!

Taylor said...

Dear Lauren,

You are so cute and little. I showed my officemate your pictures. She thinks you're cute. I loved all of the pictures...maybe one day I'll follow your example and blog about something. I also loved the "I am fly" pictures

Carisa...don't worry, I've been punishing myself, I haven't looked at your blog for like 2 months. And I hate it.

Are you really the star performer in Glee!?

Shaylee said...

Dear Lauren,

I just thought I would let you know that I too follow your blog. Next time a shout-out is in order, I would be honored to be included.

You and your roommates are so cute. Roommate family pictures are the best.


Wanda B. Inyourshoutout

Lauren said...

Mom-Thank you.
Carisa-You are welcome and thank you. :)
Reagan-Thank you. And good idea, maybe I will.
Taylor-No I'm not, mom is confused. heh.
Shaylee-What a great surprise! Next time I will absolutely include you in the shout out list!

The Mower Family said...

YAY!!! I finally figured out how to post on your blog! I have been following and can't comment!!!! First of all what is ID chicken and how do you make it? It seems like a recipe I need. Second you are so cute and I love that you have professional roomy pictures. Third when will you post something with a video of you in Women's Glee? Glad you are having so much fun!