Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spring Semester-Picture Update

So I realized I hadn't posted any pictures from this semester at all...and it's midterms already! I don't really have words to say, just pictures to show. :)

Oh...but I will say this: BEST. SEMESTER. EVER.

Easter! We drew names and did "Secret Easter Bunny's" for each other. AND we had David play the Easter Bunny for all of us and hide eggs for an Easter egg hung! So fun! :)

Cyndi got her hairs did

Boise trip for Ashlee's bridal shower=Pedicures with the littles :)

Late night pearly white cleaning parties! So much fun.

David and me after our date to Olive Garden and a Paul Cardall concert (amazing).

Snuggie Fashion show!

**Probably all semester Cyndi has been asking me if I have ever worn my Snuggie with a belt around the this time when she asked I just did it! And so did she!

And Meagan!

And Karoline!

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So our roommate, Mandy (far left), is always in bed by at least 10pm (usually 830 or 9)...but last Sunday night she was up until midnight! We we all in shock!

Karoline turned 22 on May 27th and we celebrated at Famous Dave's with our FHE brothers (and David).

The roommates! It's a rare occasion for all of us to be in the same place, so we always take pictures when it happens. :)

The whole birthday group! We were missing some of our FHE brothers, but it was still so so fun!

I walked around "blind" for 4 hours on Friday. It's for a Special Ed class I'm taking called "exceptional students" later on in the semester I get to get a feel for what it's like to be in a wheelchair! :)

Throughout the four hour period of blindness on Friday I had a different mask for each hour, so I let all of the roommate wear one for us to take a picture! (Courtney was also doing it at the same time so we had 8 masks total.)

Just yesterday Meagan, Karoline and Cyndi all ended up in I changed my shirt to match and of course we took pictures! I love my roommates!

Us in our purple and our adorable table! The flowers in the middle are mine...from David. :) I'm so lucky.

Just my Cyndi and me. I love her. :)

This is our "Family" wall. It's taken all semester to get it put together, but finally yesterday I took it upon myself to get it finished, and we love it!

This frame (courtesy of the D.I. $1.50) has a picture of each of our real families and then fun family quotes down the center (Sorry big sisters, the picture I had with you guys in it was too big for the frame).

This one is our apartment family. :) JeeHye gave me this picture frame for my birthday and I love it!

Well that's all for now! We are doing a big apartment group date tomorrow and our plan is to take lots of pictures! Maybe I'll get around to posting them by the end of the semester. :)


Taylor said...

Umm...soo, here I am sitting in the Richmond Airport...ticked because I'm not in your family picture! Just kidding...I'm not even mad because you guys look so cute. But, had you not been cute...swat team.

Good picture update. I loved it. I wish I knew you roommates...and your boyfrien. Dang it.

Anonymous said...

Teach me howda snuggie teach teach me howda snuggie...

Reagan said...

Tay ... I know her roommates (three da dem) and her boyfriend .... you would love them.
Laur! Love these posts. Keep them coming! Preferably before the end of the semester. ;)

Oh ... and Matt really wants to know how to snuggie. He keeps telling me he wishes he knew how.

Rachel said...

So cute Laur! You would know how to make a snuggie fashionable. I too wish I knew your boyfriend. He looks nice, and buys you flowers.. so I'm guessing he's pretty wonderful.